Honey Together With Lime Fruit Salad

Honey Together With Lime Fruit Salad

This recipe is super duper easy, too super duper yummy! In fact, it’s less of a recipe too to a greater extent than of a vivid idea. I’ve made it a 1000000 times, simply lastly decided to part it because it’s too hence unproblematic too and hence good! Abby has a difficult fourth dimension eating fruit that’s on the tart side (raspberries are pushing it for her) too I love that yesteryear adding a trivial honey, I tin larn her to swallow a much wider multifariousness of fruits. During the summertime when fruit is plentiful too inexpensive, I love to brand a large bowl of fruit salad to pick out amongst dinner near nights. It’s skillful for us too tastes similar dessert, too!

You could role whatever combination of fruits, simply hither are or too hence of my favorites:

strawberries + oranges + raspberries
strawberries + nectarines + blueberries + bananas
fresh pineapple + clementines + bananas

Instructions :

  • When you’ve got your fruit all chopped upwards too create to go, drizzle a trivial dear over the overstep (I commonly role 1/2 -1 teaspoon), toss inwards the zest of 1 lime, too add together a crush or ii of lime juice.
  • The dear too lime pick out out all the fresh, beautiful flavors of the fruit, too actually brand the salad awesome.
  • I mean value a trivial kokosnoot sprinkled on overstep wouldn’t larn amiss, either. 🙂
  • Enjoy!
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