Quick Italian Panini

Quick Italian Panini
I convey to confess, I intend panini are merely most the greatest affair ever. I beloved that yous tin laissez passer on notice seat pretty much anything betwixt 2 slices of bread, slap it inwards the panini press, together with minutes afterward convey a crispy, gooey, delicious sandwich! I’ve tried all kinds of bread, together with a broad diversity of toppings, but I intend this Italian panini is my favorite to date. The focaccia breadstuff is merely perfect for panini, together with I beloved the turkey/mozzarella/spinach/roasted ruddy pepper combo. This seriously tasted similar something yous would larn at a fancy Italian eating theatre for lunch. I intend amongst a side of tomato basil soup, it would hold upward an absolutely perfect meal!

Ingredients :

focaccia bread
turkey (I beloved the thick sliced deli turkey from Costco)
mozzarella cheese
fresh basil leaves
roasted ruddy peppers
(all amounts are to your taste)

Instructions :

  • Slice focaccia breadstuff inwards one-half horizontally to cast 2 sparse pieces of bread.
  • Layer turkey, spinach, basil leaves, roasted ruddy peppers, together with mozzarella.
  • Cook inwards panini press until mozzarella is melted together with gooey (about 5-6 minutes inwards my panini press).
  • If yous don’t convey a panini press, experience complimentary to laid upward the sandwich grilled cheese style!
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