Skinny Strawberry Smoothie

Skinny Strawberry Smoothie

I’m e’er on the scout for fun novel recipes, as well as when I saw this i on Pinterest, I tried it correct away. I dearest how elementary it is, as well as it is incredibly tasty! We ordinarily create got a pitcher of Crystal Light inwards the refrigerator anyway, as well as hence it’s super elementary to create got around fruit out of the freezer as well as whip upward a smoothie whatsoever time. The texture is a footling dissimilar than the smoothies I ordinarily make, form of halfway betwixt a slushie as well as a smoothie, but it’s delicious as well as refreshing. It got the thumbs upward from everyone inwards my family, as well as hence it’s a definite smoothie win!

Ingredients :

2 cups frozen strawberries (or whatsoever other fruit that sounds good!)
1 loving cup prepared Crystal low-cal (I used kiwi strawberry flavor, as well as it was fab)

Directions :

  • Blend together until good blended, as well as enjoy!
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