Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

This watermelon lemonade is the prototype of refreshing! It’s made amongst fresh lemon juice in addition to fresh watermelon, in addition to certain to quench your thirst all summertime long. I was a picayune skeptical most the combination of lemon in addition to watermelon, simply the flavors blend actually good in addition to brand for the perfect sugariness in addition to tangy lemonade. I dearest that this recipe is exclusively 4 ingredients, in addition to super quick to make. We volition definitely survive making it all summertime long!

Ingredients :

8 cups watermelon, cutting into cubes
1 loving cup fresh lemon juice (I used viii small-ish lemons)
1 loving cup sugar
iii cups mutual frigidness water
2 cups ice

Instructions :

  • Add the watermelon cubes to a blender in addition to blend until smooth.
  • Pour the watermelon through a fine network strainer into a large pitcher, using a security spatula to press out the juice.
  • Add the lemon juice, sugar, in addition to water, in addition to stir until the saccharide has dissolved.
  • Add the H2O ice in addition to chill until serving.


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